Five Facts About Enamel Erosion

enamel erosion treatment Derry

This post from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH is about your tooth enamel, and how you can best protect it. Our teeth work hard and are constantly under assault. It’s no wonder that nature encases them with an armor of enamel—the hardest substance in the body. Sadly, enamel erosion is extremely common, though largely […]

Are You Getting Your Dose Of D?

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Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones, yet many of us fail to get sufficient amounts. In this post from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we offer a friendly reminder about the importance of Vitamin D. Wdid a web search and came up with these Vitamin D findings: “Several recent reports demonstrate a […]

Healthy Living Starts With A Smile

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What comes to mind when you hear the term “healthy living?” A dinner plate with a grilled chicken breast and a tossed salad? A cholesterol test that shows your arteries are looking good? If you pictured a white, healthy smile free of cavities, Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH salutes you. Essential Dental Health Brushing […]

A Teenage Smile Without The Metal

No One Will Know You Are Wearing Braces In Derry

Many adults want to straighten their teeth, but having a mouthful of noticeable teenager-style metal braces is not exactly what they had in mind. With clear braces from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, you can have it both ways! Your busy lifestyle will not be hampered, because clear braces are convenient and uncomplicated. They […]

Mouthwash Facts In Derry

Mouthwash Facts In Derry

In this post from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we’re going to discuss mouthwash. Many people use mouthwash to freshen their breath and help prevent tooth decay. While some mouthwash has cavity-fighting additives, it should never be used exclusively. Good dental health is centered on regular brushing and flossing. It is important to know […]