Gum Disease Treatment

Diagnose and Treat Periodontal Disease in Derry, NH

gum disease treatment Londonderry and Manchester NHIt may surprise you to know that a majority of Americans have gum disease. For some, this gum disease is rather minor. But if allowed to progress, periodontal disease can actually cause your teeth to loosen or you may even lose a tooth or teeth and need dental implants! That is how serious periodontal disease can be.

We at Vanguard Dental Care want patients in the Derry, NH, Londonderry and Manchester, NH, area to have the cleanest, healthiest smile possible. So we now offer evaluation of bacteria in the mouth using dental technology such as our onsite Phase Contrast Microscope as a screening tool and Oral DNA testing to identify and measure certain bacteria in your mouth that cause gingivitis (early stage gum disease) and periodontal disease (mature gum disease).

Gum Disease Treatment Process

Non-surgical gum disease treatment for periodontal disease removes plaque and calculus by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and by treating conditions that encourage gum disease. This gum disease treatment is also commonly known as deep root planing and scaling.

Additional procedures may be required to aid in the effectiveness of the gum disease treatment including:

  • Replacing worn dental fillings or dental crowns with overhanging margins that can accumulate plaque.
  • Adjusting your bite.
  • Using antibiotics (by mouth and locally in the gums.)
  • Antibacterial rinses and detailed home care regimens for gum disease treatment.

diagnose periodontal disease with a dentist in Derry NH and Manchester NHIn some cases, our team near Manchester, NH, may elect to refer you to a periodontist to treat complex or refractory cases not responding to conservative gum disease treatment. We don’t take periodontal disease lightly.

Our own Dr. Failla works wonders with gum disease treatment, restoring patients’ peace of mind as well as the health of their gum tissue. We don’t take periodontal disease lightly, though. In some cases, our team near Manchester NH may elect to refer you to a periodontist to treat complex or refractory cases that are not responding to conservative gum disease treatment.

We are also happy to supply you with instructions on your own home care dental practices, so you know you are doing all you can to keep your smile healthy. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day is very important and can be the best preventative gum disease treatment available. When you come for your regular dental checkups in Derry, NH, our caring, well-trained team will clean your teeth and check to see that your mouth is healthy.

Keep Your Whole Smile Healthy With Gum Disease Treatment

To keep your smile healthy and clean, call our office to make an appointment with Dr. Failla. You can also learn more about how to prevent periodontal disease by calling our office where we proudly serve the Derry, NH, Londonderry, Manchester, NH and surrounding areas today!