High-End Custom Dentures

Custom Dentures in Derry, NH

Dentures and custom dentures in Derry, NHDentures can turn a toothless, damaged, or embarrassing smile into something you’ll be proud of. But beyond simply improving the appearance of your smile, dentures can also have extremely practical benefits—you can enjoy a stronger jawline, improved chewing, clearer speaking, and more! 

Dentures have also moved past the false teeth your grandparents may have used. Our custom dentures are extremely adaptable, and will always fit your jaw comfortably and securely. You can count on your dentures to stay in place and act just like your natural teeth.

Our High-End Custom Dentures

The beauty of our custom dentures is right there in the title: you can get dentures that fit your specific needs precisely. Whether you need a full arch of new teeth, just a few select teeth, or even two full arches, we can custom make your new false teeth to order. 

We use exclusively high-quality materials because we want your custom dentures to last for a long, long time. With proper care and cleaning, your false teeth can stay strong and attractive for years. Our custom dentures are color-matched to look just like your natural teeth, so no one even needs to know you have dentures at all!

Am I a Candidate for Dentures?

When you imagine someone who could benefit from dentures, your first thought might be someone who has completely lost all of their teeth and needs false teeth to eat or speak. However, dentures are a great fit for far more conditions than you might realize!

  • Missing some or many teeth. You don’t have to be missing all your teeth to receive our custom dentures. If you are missing even a few teeth, especially if those teeth neighbor each other, you can receive partial custom dentures to fill the gaps.
  • Dentures are also a good fit for individuals who simply want a more attractive smile. We can work with you to provide dentures that look exactly the way you’d like your smile to appear, down to the color and shape of each tooth.

With all that in mind, the best way to learn whether dentures are right for you is by talking to your dentist! We are always happy to sit down with our patients to talk about the benefits of dentures and make sure you’re getting the dental treatment that’s just right for you.

What Is the Denture Procedure?

Custom dentures in Derry, NH with Dr. Craig RothenbergIf you’re interested in receiving dentures, it’s important to understand the process of receiving those dentures so you can be fully prepared for, and aware of, what kind of procedure and treatment you’ll experience. 

The first step is to meet with your dentist for an evaluation. This evaluation will cover several important aspects of your dental health, including:

  • Your personal dental goals.
  • Which teeth you’d like replaced.
  • Which teeth might need extracting, x-rays, and more. 

You and your dentist will come up with a comprehensive, personalized plan for your dentures so you can have total confidence moving forward.

At this stage, it might be necessary to extract one or more teeth for your dentures to achieve their best fit. These extractions will only be done if necessary for your overall dental health, and will be as painless and quick and possible. 

While your mouth is being prepped for dentures, your custom dentures are being crafted. We use x-rays and other cutting-edge dental technology to design these long-lasting, personalized dentures for your unique needs.

Our Custom Dentures Will Restore Your Smile to Its Natural Beauty.

If you’re ready for new teeth that fit your needs and a smile that you can feel proud of, contact us today! We’re excited to show you the positive difference custom dentures can make in your life.