Emergency Dentistry

Find Tooth Pain Relief Now In Derry NH

dental emergency care in Derry NH and Londonderry for tooth painHaving a dental emergency can sometimes be pretty scary. We at Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH understand your fears and want you to know we are here for you, whether you have tooth pain or some other issue.

Dr. Craig Rothenberg and Dr. Michael Moskowitz and our friendly, well-trained emergency dentistry team near Windham NH are here to offer you relief from tooth pain or your other dental concern. If you think it’s a dental emergency, so do we!

What would require emergency dentistry procedures?

  • Broken tooth — If your dental emergency is you have broken your tooth and you may also have tooth pain, apply a cold compress to the area and perhaps on the cheek outside as well. Call us immediately. We are able to give you emergency dentistry treatment for this whether it be a tooth crown, dental veneer or root canal; we have you covered.
  • Lost or knocked out tooth — If this is your dental emergency, try to save the tooth. The best thing is to try to reinsert it into the gums. If that doesn’t work, put the tooth into a cup of milk, call us, and bring the tooth when you come in.
  • Tooth pain — If severe tooth pain is your dental emergency, it’s best to just call us and come in.
  • Broken jaw — Put a cold compress on your jaw, but don’t press too hard. Call us and we can decide whether this is a dental emergency and you come see us or go to the emergency room. If you have any doubts, please just go to the emergency room.
  • Bitten tongue or lip — Put a cold compress on it, then call us. If it seems like you’ll need stitches, we will suggest you go to the emergency room if the bleeding doesn’t stop, even with a cold compress.
  • Lost dental work — If you have had a cavity or other dental work fall out, call us immediately. Our team is ready to give you the emergency dentistry treatment you need.
  • Tooth Extraction — Should the need arise, we also provide tooth extractions in severe cases where dental extraction makes the most sense. We can then help provide you with replacement options, such as bridges or implants.

Our caring, well-trained emergency dentistry team near Londonderry is prepared to give you the kind of dental emergency treatment and procedures you need. If for any reason, tooth pain or any other emergency dentistry concern, please call. We want you to know your concerns are our concerns. We are your emergency dentistry dental office of choice in the Londonderry, Windham NH, Derry NH and surrounding areas.