These are the most frequently asked General and Cosmetic Dentistry questions. If you’d like more information than is covered here, please contact us.

Will I get a cleaning at my first appointment?
Do I need to get x-rays at my first appointment and how often do I get them?
Why do I need a set of full mouth x-rays if I have already had a panoramic x-ray taken?
Why do I need bitewing x-rays yearly?
Why are there so many x-rays in a full mouth series?
What is the difference between an assistant and a hygienist?
How long will I be numb for after my dental procedure?
How much does my insurance cover?
Should dental treatment decisions be based on what my insurance will pay?
Am I responsible for paying if my insurance company fails to pay?
What is cosmetic dentistry?
Why Are Soft Drinks Bad For My Teeth?
Maybe Sports Drinks Would Be Better For Me To Drink?
Fruit Juices Must Be Good For My Children, Right?