Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Under Armour Mouth Guard Options In Derry NH

Under Armour mouth guard in Londonderry and Manchester NHWe have something new and exciting at our cosmetic dentistry office near Londonderry and Manchester NH! We can now offer our patients Under Armour™ mouth guard appliances in Derry NH. The Under Armour mouth guard is an innovative new line of custom mouthguards and mouthpieces designed to improve athletic performance. The Under Armour mouth guard can help any athlete in or around Manchester NH improve strength, endurance, reaction time and reduce athletic stress.

The Academy for Sports Dentistry recommends that male and female athletes playing sports such as football, basketball, softball and soccer wear a mouth guard. Our Derry NH dentists can fabricate custom mouthguards with Under Armour mouth guard and its fine quality that are very comfortable and essential to the athlete’s safety.

Custom mouthguards can reduce injuries to the mouth and jaws and are indicated during sporting activities, especially those that involve contact. Under Armour custom mouthguards have also been shown to reduce forces that can cause concussions. Usually a custom made mouth guard is the most comfortable and the easiest to wear. Custom mouthguards should usually be replaced annually, especially in the growing child.

Why are custom mouthguards the best option?

custom mouthguards Derry NH dentistA custom mouthguard is formed specifically for your teeth, so it offers the best protection. Custom mouthguards are better than a mouth guard you buy at a store because they reduce the risk of injury, including: brain injuries or concussions, dislocation or fractures in your jaw, broken or lost teeth or stress to jaw or neck. Custom mouthguards fit better than a standard mouth guard, so they feel comfortable in your mouth–and we usually wear something that is comfortable; athletes can speak and breathe properly.

For our young patients at our office near Londonderry who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, an orthodontic mouth guard must be worn as opposed to a custom made mouth guard. We provide a orthodontic mouth guard as part of our patient’s orthodontic contracts. Please let us know if you require a new orthodontic mouth guard at any time during your orthodontic treatment.

If you have jaw pain or headaches upon waking, you may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. Not only is this painful, but grinding your teeth can create problems later on, such as worn down teeth that could chip or crack. Night guards, which are custom mouthguards worn at night, are useful in patients who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping at night.

For more information about our Under Armour mouth guard products, call our restorative dentistry office in Derry NH today!