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Find Headache Relief TMD/TMJ in Derry, NH

TMJ treatment in Londonderry and Manchester NHAre you experiencing headaches that you are finding difficult to handle, even if you take proper medication? Are your headaches accompanied by sore, sensitive or worn down teeth, tooth pain, a sore jaw, or an inability to open or close your jaw? If you are suffering from this type of pain, inconvenience or headaches, it could be you have TMD. Many people think that the term “TMJ” describes the pain you may be feeling. However, TMJ is simply the shortened version of the name of your jawbone: the Temporomandibular joint. TMD stands for the disorders associated with your TMJ.

TMD can be inconvenient, but it can also be very painful and cause a lot of subsidiary problems. We offer a TMJ treatment we consider to be very effective for people in the Derry, NH; Manchester, NH; and Londonderry areas.

What is this TMJ treatment? This TMJ treatment is a mouthguard, especially made for TMD or problems with your TMJ.

What are TMJ treatment mouthguards to treat TMD?

TMJ treatment mouthguards to treat TMD are custom mouthguards you wear at night for efficient headache releif. TMJ treatment mouthguards to treat TMD have two main purposes. They keep your teeth from grinding, which is one problem people with TMD struggle with. They grind their teeth, usually while they sleep. This teeth grinding can not only cause TMD, it can wear down your teeth, causing other dental issues down the road. Thus, your headaches may abate.

treat TMD headaches with a Derry NH dentist near Manchester NHTMJ treatment mouthguards to treat TMD also have a system that when you bite down, it keeps you from being able to repeat that. Having that biting down and slight popping your mouth back up is part of the problem and a TMJ treatment mouthguard to treat TMD will keep that in check. This keeps your jaw from working throughout the night and causing you more pain.

TMD is usually a result of stress, so we will partner with you to see if we can give you some ideas on how to relieve stress. However, severe TMD usually requires the TMJ treatment mouthguards to treat TMD as well as other more organic methods.

If you suffer from TMD, have headaches or your TMJ is sore, call today! We serve the people in Londonderry; Manchester, NH; Derry, NH; and the surrounding areas.