Dental Implants

Tooth Implant Dentistry With Your Derry NH Dentist

dental implants dentist near Londonderry and Windham NHDo you have a missing tooth or missing teeth that is causing you some problems? Do you avoid going out or are you embarrassed to be around anyone but your closest loved ones? Do you find you are speaking differently because you have missing teeth in your smile? You may find that you have some teeth that are getting more worn down because you are chewing on them to compensate for the gaps in your smile.

There are several options to restore your smile at our Derry NH office near Londonderry and Windham NH. One of the most effective, long-lasting choices is dental implants–a marvelous implant dentistry procedure that can give you back your smile, and your life!

What is Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry is what is used for placing dental implants. A tooth implant is a small titanium rod that is placed into your gums and jaw as a replacement tooth root. The rod fuses with your jawbone within 3-6 months. This tooth implant is then topped with a dental crown. The combination of the tooth implant and the dental crown gives you a “new” tooth where a gap was before.

What are the advantages of getting an implant dentistry procedure at Vanguard Dental Group?

tooth implant dentistry in Derry NH and Windham NH

Comfortable | Once a dental implant has been placed and has healed, it feels as comfortable in your mouth as your regular tooth would. You will be able to eat without sensitivity.

Individually Made for Each Patient | Each dental crown we make is crafted specifically to provide the patient with perfect occlusion and a strong, comfortable, bite. Your crown and implant will feel like they’ve been a part of your mouth all along.

Great For Oral Health | Other restorative services for missing teeth replace the outer portion of your tooth, but don’t replace the tooth root. Without a tooth root’s support, your jaw underneath the gap can start to deteriorate. Our tooth implants replace both the outer portion and the tooth root, keeping your jawbone healthy and strong. They can even be used to improve dentures with implant supported dentures.

Appearance Enhancing | When the jawbone underneath lost teeth starts to deteriorate, it can affect the appearance of your face and give your face a more sunken appearance. A tooth implant will keep the bone from deteriorating and keep your face looking younger longer. Our implants can be used in implant supported dentures to keep a patient’s face healthy.

dental implant supported dentures in Derry NH and Manchester NHConfidence Boosting | Patients who lose teeth lose confidence. They smile less often and often feel less happy than they felt before the loss. Tooth implants replace missing teeth with beautiful restorations that look completely natural. The people you meet won’t be able to tell you have a dental implant, and you’ll be able to smile and laugh more freely in social situations again.

Life-changing | Losing a tooth can be completely devastating. For patients who have lost teeth, an implant can restore hope and happiness. Patients who feel comfortable with their teeth smile more often and participate more in social activities. Our implants can raise the quality of our patients lives.

How To Choose An Implant Dentist

When choosing an implant dentist, patients want to make sure that they choose a dentist with skill, talent, and experience. They also want to make sure that they choose dentists with a compassion and understanding, who put their patients first and complete their procedures with the patient in mind.

At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we apply our passion, skill, and experience to each dental procedure we perform.

We love our patients and always make sure that they receive the best possible care. We want each of our patients to enjoy the full benefits of implant dentistry, an increased feeling of overall well-being, and greater happiness. We strive to provide our patients with the best dental technology, and the latest innovation available in the field.

We make each visit to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Our Manchester NH area patients tell us that they love coming here, because of the welcoming and comfortable environment. We offer a wide variety of amenities to our patients including televisions in every room, and audio programs.

Our team is made up of compassionate, skilled professionals, and together we have the knowledge and experience to perform every step of the implant dentistry procedure in our office. You can enjoy all the benefits of implant dentistry in the convenience of one location.

We even offer same-day implant dentures as an option for patients who want implant supported dentures. This procedure places a full set of teeth on four strategically placed implants allowing you to have teeth even while the implants heal!

If you are interested in knowing more about implant dentistry or would like a tooth implant, call us today! We want to give you the most healthy, beautiful smile possible if you are in the Derry NH area, including Londonderry and Windham NH!