Is Your Low-Carb Diet Giving You Dragon Breath?

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Many people believe that all bad breath is linked to poor brushing. The truth is that there are many causes. At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we can help you identify the cause of your problem and discuss how to treat it.

Your diet is a big influence on your breath. Because digention begins the second food enters your mouth, and because it is absorbed and distributed throughout the body, you probably will be able to smell strong-smelling foods containing onions and garlic long after you’ve eaten them.

Using a mouthwash will only mask the smell. Constantly sucking on breath mints is also not a good idea. They too only mask the smell and bring additional issues, especially if the mints have sugar. If you want real relief, you may need to avoid the strong foods altogether.

The Low Carb Question

Many dieters find that their diet is making it harder to keep their mouths fresh and clean. Low- and no-carb diets promote fat burning, but the side effect of bad breath can be caused by the chemicals released during this process. Drinking more water can help alleviate this.

Finally, flossing regularly is often the key to truly fresh breath. Many people don’t realize how much food can be stuck between their teeth, and this food can cause halitosis if it isn’t removed. More importantly, the food particles turn into plaque which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we want all our patients to enjoy fresh breath and good dental health. Our services include family and pediatric dentistry. Call for an appointment today!

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