Do I Need A Cleaning? Dental Health in Derry NH

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We’ll be blunt: professional teeth cleanings are vital to your dental health. At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, we want to see each of our patients twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

Many of our patients wonder why they need a professional cleaning if they are vigilant in their dental health routine at home.

The simplest answer is that brushing and flossing can’t do it all. Even the most committed brushers aren’t able to get all of the plaque that builds up on their teeth. It’s extremely sticky stuff, and the plaque that doesn’t come off with brushing and flossing, and even water flossing, can harden into tartar. And tartar is how tooth decay gets started.

At Vanguard Dental Group, our hygienists use fine hand tools to gently remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth. They make sure that even those hard-to-reach areas are clean and smooth when they’re finished.

Cleanings include an inspection of the gums. We check for any signs of gum disease. Your cleaning ends with a polishing with a professional-grade, gritty toothpaste.

At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, dental health services include family and cosmetic dentistry, as well as pediatric dentistry and urgent dental care. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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