Vanguard Dental Group: Calming Root Canal Fears

New Hampshire Dentist Calms Root Canal Fears

In Derry, New Hampshire a dentist’s office is sometimes seen as a painful and scary place. Vanguard Dental Group located at 19D Manchester Rd Ste 3 Derry, New Hampshire 03038 tries to discourage that image with a high tech staff and qualified dentists. However, endodontic therapy, a dental procedure commonly known as a root canal, […]

Protect Those Nooks And Crannies

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Drs. Drs. Rothenberg and Moskowitz is committed to the prevention of cavities, which is the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile. Preventative dentistry – brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings with a dental hygienist – are essential for keeping your smile bright and free of dental caries. There are some places, however, where enamel […]

Vanguard Dental Group Patients Have A Choice In Dental Fillings

Manchester Dental Patients Want A Choice In Dental Fillings

With all the talk in Manchester of multi-procedure smile makeovers involving veneers, porcelain crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, dental implants, and invisible braces, sometimes the traditional dental filling is overlooked. If a cavity progresses no further than a filling, New Hampshire cosmetic dental patients can avoid more extensive and invasive treatments. Today, let’s talk about dental […]

5 Reasons To Get To Know Vanguard Dental Group In Derry

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Hello Derry residents! We are Drs. Rothenberg and Moskowitz. Our dental practice, Vanguard Dental Group, has been serving the Londonderry, Windham, and Chester area since 1999. My high tech staff has helped me create a dental practice where we treat patients of all ages with superior experience and care. We are currently accepting new patients, so we […]

What Does Your Saliva Reveal?

Derry dentists know that a mouth examination can reveal issues in other parts of the patient’s body. Because many diseases manifest in soft tissues of the mouth or cause pain in the jaw, dentists often refer patients to their medical doctor for further diagnosis when they encounter issues such as inflammation, chronic bad breath, bleeding […]

3 Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

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Hello, New Hampshire. Let’s talk about the root canal procedure (“endodontic therapy” in dentist – speak). The root canal may be the most cringe-worthy dental treatment commonly done today, but it is important that dental patients in the Londonderry, Salem, and Chester areas know what is happening during this anxiety – inducing, though routine, procedure. […]

To Chew Or Not To Chew In Derry

To Chew Or Not To Chew In Derry

Hello Derry gum chewers, today we’re going to talk about that sticky wad in your mouth. You know that it can freshen your breath, but can it really help safeguard your smile from cavities? It really depends on the type of gum. Chewing regular sucrose-based gum can be beneficial in removing bits of food from […]

6 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Procedure

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Perhaps dental sedation can be scary or the drilling of a cavity or even smile makeovers. Let Vanguard Dental Group offer 6 ways to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically before your big dental day. First, remember Drs. Rothenberg and Moskowitz are trained to provide the best care and comfort possible. Second, take some time […]