Pediatric Dentistry

Find Your Children’s Dentist in Derry, NH

pediatric dentistry with a children's dentist Manchester NH and Londonderry NHHere at Vanguard Dental Group, we’re excited to provide dental care for everyone in your family. This includes giving excellent early dental care to your child at our Derry, NH, practice near Manchester, NH. Children should begin visiting when they are a year old—or when their first teeth are completely erupted—and should continue to come in for routine check ups every six months. A dentist for kids helps children prevent tooth decay and learn how to take care of their teeth and avoid cavities.

Vanguard Dental Group is a a great place for young and old children alike. We’ll provide excellent general dental care and teach your children the best oral hygiene techniques in a fun and engaging manner. We will work with your children to help them understand the importance of healthy teeth and we’ll also develop long term plans for your child’s health. Your child will be able to forge relationships with our doctors that could last a lifetime.


  • Early Dental Care: Starting dental care early when a child is as little as one year old can prevent future teeth problems. The younger a child starts, the earlier they get to know their children’s dentist, and the more comfortable they will be with future visits to their dentist office.
  • Dental Health for Kids: A dentist for kids knows that prevention is the key to a healthy mouth. Our dentists will teach their patients how to best take care of their teeth and prevent tooth decay and cavities.
  • Sedation Dentistry: We want all our patients to be at their most comfortable—especially your nervous young ones. Under some circumstances, a dentist for kids can administer laughing gas to help soothe dental anxiety and make a visit as relaxing as possible.

Your children’s dentist will make sure that your child’s smile is healthy and beautiful, and that your child has a fun, enjoyable, comfortable experience at each visit to our dentistry office.

Call our office for an appointment today if you are in the Derry, NH area, including Manchester, NH, and Londonderry, NH.