Eruption Charts: Not As Scary As They Sound

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This post from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH examines eruption charts, and how we use them in pediatric dentistry.

Do they sound a little scary? They aren’t. An eruption chart is a listing of the different types of teeth in the mouth and when, on average, they come in, or ‘erupt,’ in a growing mouth. A primary teeth eruption chart will tell you when to expect the different teeth to be lost.

We use them to compare the development of our patients’ teeth to the average times in the population.

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and good dental health begins during infancy. Tooth decay can begin as soon as the very first come in. At that early stage it is up to the parents to keep the baby teeth clean. At the earliest stages it’s usually enough to wipe the inside of the mouth with a warm, wet cloth.

When that first tooth does come in, it’s time to bring your baby in for that very first dental checkup. We’ll do a thorough inspection, and bring out the eruption chart.

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