3 Important Ways Protective Mouthguards Protect Young Smiles

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Here’s an important reminder from the team at Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH: when you play sports, protect your teeth with a mouthguard.

Anyone who plays sports is at risk of an injury to the mouth and teeth. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, high school player, or a 5-year-old playing youth soccer.

Even so-called non-contact sports like basketball can be dangerous. A protective mouthguard is a crucial piece of athletic gear.

What age group has the most injuries?

8- to 12-year-old kids who participate in basketball, football, baseball, and soccer are at the greatest risk. But even sports like skateboarding, mountain biking or climbing can be hazardous.

Mouthguards are made of strong, flexible materials that are designed to protect your teeth, gum and jaw in case of an impact. A mouthguard forms a protective layer between your teeth and points of impact.

At Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH we can fit you with a custom mouthguard. People from Londonderry, Salem, and Chester come to our office for family and restorative dentistry. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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