The Vanguard Dental Group Guide To Veneers

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It’s easy to see why Derry smile makeover patients and cosmetic dentists love porcelain veneers. They correct a multitude of cosmetic flaws and deliver beautiful results for my Manchester area patients.

If you are considering beautifying your smile with porcelain veneers, you want a trusted dentist with extensive experience performing this treatment. The porcelain veneer procedure is more complicated than many cosmetic dental patients realize.

A porcelain veneer is an extremely thin (about .5mm or 1/64 inch) shell that is permanently attached to the front of a tooth. They are custom made for each patient. Veneers cover chips, cracks, and stains. They can also improve the shape, size or length of a tooth.

While preparing a tooth for a veneer is less invasive than preparing a tooth for a crown, it is not a reversible procedure. A microscopically small amount of enamel must be removed to make room for the veneer. Thus, the tooth can never be restored to its original condition.

When performing the multi-step veneer procedure, the dentist must consider the surrounding teeth, the patient’s bite, the gums, the health of the affected teeth, and the patient’s goals and expectations. Most smiles contain varying shades of tooth enamel – sometimes a considerable range – further complicating the color selection process.

The dentist must also work closely with the dental lab technician who fabricates the veneers. The lab technician’s skill level and quality of materials is just as critical as the expertise of the cosmetic dentist.

Veneers are usually placed on the most visible teeth –  center stage, so to speak. They are on display every time the patient opens their mouth. This is definitely a procedure you want to get right the first time!

We are Drs. Rothenberg and Moskowitz of Vanguard Dental Group. We have been providing general and cosmetic dentistry in Derry, New Hampshire since 1999. If you are wondering if porcelain veneers would give you the smile you desire, we invite you to schedule a consultation by calling our office at 603-435-1482. We can discuss sleep apnea and snoring treatment, dental implants, and any questions you have. We want you to love your smile!

-Craig A. Rothenberg DMD and Michael H. Moskowitz DMD