Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Dental Sedation For Children In Derry NH


dental sedation with a sedation dentist in Derry NH and Salem NHDental sedation allows patients who normally suffer from dental anxiety to be more relaxed during their visit. Sedation dentistry provides relief and comfort for patients who might feel tense or anxious about their appointment. Children who have trouble going to the dentist can feel comfortable and relaxed during visits at our Derry NH practice. Your sedation dentist, Dr. Andrew, can make a visit stress-free and more enjoyable for both you and your child.


When you arrive at the family dentist office near Manchester NH and Salem NH, your child’s sedation dentist will administer laughing gas before a procedure. This gas will help your child feel calm and relaxed during their appointment. Sedation dentistry helps ease your child’s tension, and help them feel better even when they are getting cavities filled. The effects of dental sedation wear off after the visit is over and leave the patient with an even more positive memory of their experience.


  • Children who normally struggle during visits to their family dentist feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Children are more comfortable while dental work is being done.
  • Children feel less stress about visiting their family dentist.
  • Children who suffer from dental anxiety that are given dental sedation feel like their needs are being listened to.
  • Sedation dentistry allows your child’s family dentist to accomplish more in one appointment. It saves time.
  • It gives your family dentist an opportunity to show how much he cares about your comfort and well-being.

To learn more about sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment for dental sedation, contact your family dentist by visiting, or calling our Derry NH office if you are in the Manchester NH or Salem NH area.