Kids Orthodontics

Get Braces For Children In Derry NH

orthodontics and braces for children with a Derry NH dentist in Manchester NHWhen your child’s permanent teeth grow in, they do not always grow in straight. Crooked teeth can lead to permanent discomfort, an inability to properly chew, diction issues, and other problems. At Vanguard Pediatric, our team is committed to making sure your child develops a healthy and proper bite. We offer early intervention orthodontics to help straighten your child’s teeth.

Every patient is different. At Vanguard Dental Group near Manchester NH and Londonderry NH, we find the option that will get them the very best smile, whether that’s braces for children, or ClearCorrect for teens.

At our practice we offer:

Early Intervention Orthodontics:

We can provide younger children with retainers that will help their teeth grow in straight, no braces for children necessary. With early intervention orthodontics we can prevent a problem before it even starts, saving you time and money.

Braces for Kids:

If your child’s teeth have come in crooked, and it’s effecting their bite and lifestyle, they may need our braces for kids. Our braces for children allow our child patients to grow into a beautiful, healthy, straight smile that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Our braces for kids are individually tailored to suit your child’s needs. Braces for children are an excellent orthodontics choice for any parent who is concerned about their child’s smile.

Clear Correct:

If your teenager wants straight teeth, but doesn’t like the appearance of metal braces, at Vanguard Pediatric our orthodontics specialists offer clear correct braces. These plastic clear trays will straighten your son or daughter’s teeth without affecting their teeth’s appearance. The clear correct braces for kids are completely comfortable and invisible.

The options available here at Vanguard Pediatric make it easier than ever for children to develop straight, healthy teeth, no matter how old your child is or what their specific teeth-related desires are. If your child is developing crooked teeth. We want your child to have the best possible bite and the best possible health.

If you have any questions about our braces for children or any of our orthodontic procedures, you can call our Derry NH office or schedule an appointment to talk about braces for kids today if you are in the Manchester NH – Londonderry NH area!