Early Dental Care

Children’s Dental Center In Derry NH

family dental care in Derry NH and Salem NHTooth decay can start in baby teeth the moment the teeth start to appear in your child’s mouth. Preventing tooth decay in baby teeth can prevent tooth decay in permanent teeth.

Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH, near Salem NH, starts offering appointments to children when they turn one. your children’s dental center will help your child grow stronger, healthier, permanent teeth. Children who learn to take care of their baby teeth develop good habits that will aid them for the rest of their lives.


  • The earlier your child starts coming into the dentist for family dental care, the sooner your dentist can provide vital family dental care with flouride treatments and check ups for your child’s baby teeth.
  • Parents who bring their children in early for family dental care can learn how to best take care of their child’s teeth at home.
  • The earlier your child starts coming to the dentist for family dental care, the sooner they can start to establish a relationship with the staff, and the sooner your dentist can start getting to know your child so that he can best tailor his treatment to your child’s needs.
  • protect baby teeth in Derry Nh and Manchester NHWhen children start visiting their family dental care facility earlier they will feel more comfortable with dental visits.
  • Children who receive early family dental care get a jump start on cleanings, and the dentist can provide dental sealings if they are right for your child.
  • The sooner a child comes into their children’s dental center, the sooner the dentist can check for problems like thumb or finger sucking and plan accordingly.
  • Children who visit their children’s dental center early can develop good habits and learn how to best care for both their baby teeth, and their permanent teeth.

To find out more about early family dental care, or to schedule an appointment, contact our Derry NH office today. We love working with kids from all over the area, including Manchester NH and Salem NH!