Hiccups In Your Dental Routine

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Londonderry dentistry

The most common times people stop to brush their teeth are morning and night – either before or after breakfast, after dinner, or at bedtime. Common concerns that come with this routine involve hiccups in the schedule, from family life, shift work or exhaustion. Sometimes after dinner isn’t super cut and dried. Many Manchester families […]

Vanguard Dental Group On Jaw Bone Deterioration

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Derry Jaw Bone Deterioration

Hello friends of Vanguard Dental Group! Today’s post focuses on jaw bone health. To remain dense, your jaw bone needs to be constantly stimulated by the pressure of chewing, biting, and talking. Each tooth has a root structure attached to the surrounding bone material. As each tooth absorbs the forces of everyday mouth function, it […]

It’s Not About Vanity

Chester cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Since 1999, Vanguard Dental Group has been providing confidence and dignity to our amazing Manchester and Derry patients through smile makeovers and sedation dentistry. Many Derry people seem to have it all together with bright eyes and great smiles. We want you to be on the same footing as your friends, colleagues and customers. Wanting […]

A Toothache The Size Of Manchester

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Derry Tooth Pain

Patients often come into our Derry, New Hampshire dental practice and complain about ‘a toothache the size of Manchester’. I understand this kind of pain, and realize that when you describe it like that, it really hurts. I can help. Toothache pain for anyone in Derry can be unbearable. At the very least, toothache pain […]

No Cavities? Thank Your Parents!

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how to prevent cavities Derry

At Vanguard Dental Group, we stay abreast of new discoveries in the exciting field of dentistry and occasionally share interesting facts with our patients. Today’s post focuses on new findings in a compelling field of research: genetic dentistry. “About 60% of the risk for tooth decay appears to be due to genetic factors.” Mary L. […]

What’s On Your Dental Wish List?

What Is On Your Dental Wish List?

A cosmetic dental consultation is informative and enjoyable. As the patient, you’ll have the opportunity to describe your goals and expectations. If this is your first visit to the practice, you’ll discover whether you feel comfortable with our dentist and other members of the treatment team. Successful cosmetic dentistry consultations help us provide the highest […]

Bridging The Gap

cosmetic dental Derry

Hello Derry smiles! Do you have a missing tooth that is detracting from your otherwise beautiful teeth? Let Vanguard Dental Group fill the gap for you and help you get your brilliant smile back! A dental bridge could be the perfect answer for your missing tooth and help you chew and speak properly. A bridge […]

Persistent Dry Mouth?

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The Vanguard Dental Group Guide To Dry Mouth

Many residents in our Derry community experience dry mouth occasionally. Some develop dry mouth in social situations or when they are under a lot of stress. Sporadic or infrequent dry mouth is usually not a serious trouble. Constant dry mouth, or xerostomia, is not only irritating, it can lead to extreme health problems. People should […]

Let’s Talk About Your Smile

Let’s Talk About Your Smile

My office is located at 19D Manchester Rd Ste 3 in Derry. One of the best things about being a dentist is interacting with my patients. During initial dental consultations, I listen carefully to my patient’s short and long term dental goals. I enjoy discussing options and developing effective treatment plans tailored specifically to each […]

Dental Questions? We Have Answers.

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Chester cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Hello Derry! Vanguard Dental Group, has been serving the Derry area since 1999. If you have questions about oral health, cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, children’s dental sealants, tooth implants, oral sedation, safe teeth whitening, or invisible braces, come to Vanguard Dental Group for answers. My high tech staff has helped me create an atmosphere of active […]


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